PXL is a project a group of friends and I made for the Outside Hacks hackathon in 2018. The idea behind PXL was to make a display in a a music festival using phones. Everyone in the crowd would use their phones as a "pixel" in the larger display of an image chosen either by the artist or the crowd.

Example of what the phone grid would look like from above

Granted, we anticipated the grids would not be as nice as the one to the right, but the general concept is to make a pixel grid out of people, and have the artist choose an image or pattern, and the audience would be shown their image from above on a screen on stage.

Each user would choose an event and region they're in, and would be put in a grid section, where their phone would display a certain color based off of hex values provided by an image. Later into the hackathon, we thought of another use of the app, where people in an emergency situation would be able to signal for help. When a user signals for help on the website, the grid will look like so (click here). The user who signalled for help would be highlighted in red while everyone else's displays are black. This way any user who is in trouble can get help as soon as possible in a large crowd.

We built the project using ReactJS and Firebase, making a minimal web app usable on any mobile platform.