Oak Ridge's first hackathon!

The core team of ORHX v1.0 and our AP Computer Science teacher Mrs. Allen

At the end of my junior year at Oak Ridge High School, I was having a conversation with one of my close friends about a recent hackathon he attended in San Mateo. I had never heard of a hackathon before, and after doing some research I saw they were only in the bay area. At the time, driving 2 hours away for a weekend event wasn't possible for many of me and my friends, so we decided to host our own local hackathon.

Thus, ORHX 1.0 was born! We started talking and planning for our hackathon in the summer between junior and senior year. We delegated roles, and I ended up taking on the role of venue lead and co-lead for sponsorship. This position put me more in charge of talking and working with people to donate us their facilities and their money to actually make this hackathon run.

We initially looked to local tech businesses in the Sacramento area for hosting our event. There were only a few companies nearby capable of hosting a large amount of high schoolers for a weekend, and the Intel campus in Folsom was one of them. We contacted Intel with high hopes. They agreed to sponsor us, but sadly they couldn't host us due to legal issues. We turned back to our high school and focused all of our efforts on sponsorship and organization.

We were able to get some sponsors other than Intel, such as our local boba store, Make School, Chipotle, and some free swag was sent our way from Github. The event was a success, and our months of planning paid off as the 3rd annual ORHX is planned for Spring of 2019.