Experience at Intel

All of my other intern friends at Intel

Over the past two summers (2017 and 2018), I was fortunate enough to have internships under the NSG (Non-volatile memory Solutions Group) division of Intel. During my first internship, I was tasked with enhancing an existing graphical module to display testing timelines for SSDs. The graph was built with D3.js and AngularJS for the front end, and Flask/SQLAlchemy for the end points and back end. The enhancement I added to the graph was the ability for product owners to set deadlines and accurate timelines for when they wanted tests run and executed throughout the year.

Example of what the graph looked like

In this internship I was exposed to web development for the first time, and was able to deliver a product that is still in use today. The ability of displaying more accurate deadlines for SSD testing timelines has saved hundreds of hours of confusion between product owners and employees running the tests. Working with a small team allowed me to ask others for help while still maintaining my own independence which pushed me to learn more on my own.

My second internship at Intel was still on the same team as 2017, but this time I was given a more impactful task of refactoring and reimplementing over 4000 unit tests for our internal testing website. All of our unit tests were implemented with the Karma testing framework, as most web applications using AngularJS are. Originally none of our tests ran, as they had not been properly implemented when originally developing the website. After 2+ years of development, there had been no focus on implementing the tests, so I had taken up the challenge of figuring out what went wrong. Many of our test failures could not point us to an explicit point of failure, so I had to become an expert at triaging failing tests in our massive codebase. At the end of my internship, I was able to get all unit tests running and only ~300 failing, most of which were dependency issues that had not been updated with our codebase. During this second internship, I also learned some valuable leadership values as I had to mentor two incoming high school interns, and ramp them up with the technologies we were using and mentor them to become better developers.